Necks.  - 

neck tattoo

neck tattoo 2

neck tattoo 3

source, Anja K, pNiamhsexton

Symbols.  - 

symbol tattoo

symbol tattoo 2

symbol tattoo 3

vgypsyAmani, Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil)

Matching.  - 

matching tattoo

matching tattoo 2

matching tattoo 3

Ashley (Ravenna), Aryane L (Fortaleza, Brazil), Laura & Stina (Finland)

Tattoo Submission: Dagmara (Strzałkowo) and Martini (Poznań)  - 


Me and my friend Martini, did this tattoos 4 years ago at 27 march 2011. It was early spring sunny day. Martini has more tattoos than me (she has maybe 5 or more), I will always remember her, she’s magic.

Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo 3

finger tattoo

finger tattoo 2

Anna (Germany), theclubsad, unknown