Back/Neck.  - 



Emilia (Finland)

Hilal (Istanbul) It is a kanji means strong

Tattoo Submission: Amalie (Copenhagen)  - 


Ai is japanese for love, and the name of the most amazing woman, who pasted away last year. L’amour fou – because love to your family, friends, flirts, things etc can be crazy good and crazy bad – and for the memory of monsieur Yves Saint Laurent.

Tattoo Submission: Ida F (Norge)  - 


a japanese sign meaning younger brother.

Tattoo Submission: Hana (Corvallis)  - 


I got this on my 21st birthday. It was one of those fun tattoos that I just really had to have. It’s Dan Deacon’s crystal cat, with a paw raised for luck (like a Japanese maneki neko). I’ve always been a sucker for electronic music.