Kate Moss.  - 

kate moss tattoo

kate moss tattoo 3  kate moss tattoo 2

Model: Kate Moss  - 

 kate moss tattoo 3 kate moss tattoo

kate moss tattoo 2

She has a few more tattoos on her ankles, palm of her hand and on her hand.

Model: Kate Moss.  - 

I know she has more but this one is one of my favourites.

source: tfs

Kate Moss update!  - 

SPOTTED – a tattoo i have never read about, or seen mentioned anywhere.

a heart tattoo on the palm of her right hand.
(click on photo to enlarge)

all i can say is – ouch.


Kate Moss  - 

a letter ‘P’ above her left hip (for Pete)
two swallows on her lower back
No idea if she still has this tattoo cause i can’t seem to spot it in any of her other pictures.