Armelle Stb  - 


Palm trees.  - 

ankle tattoo 3

thursday random

Oyster mag

Viktoria (London)
palmtree and writing… my latest tattoo and maybe the one I love most. the writing is swahili and means ‘home’ as I fell mad in love with east africa.


Mountains.  - 

mountain tattoo

mountain tattoo 2

mountain tattoo 3

Anyaa (London), redwood collective, pSteveause

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday random tattoo

thursday random tattoo 2

thursday random tattoo 3

unknown, Miley Cyrus, Lê (Ibirama, SC)

Be Brave.  - 


brave tattoo

brave tattoo 2

Karoline (Trondheim, Norway)
i have now in almost three years fought a battle against depression and anorexia. this spring i want to get healthy and free from ED. with ink on my arm i’ll always remember to be brave. to always have faith in myself. to never give up.