Wrists.  - 

wrist tattoo 3wrist tattoo wrist tattoo 2

Elena (Spain), Bonnie (Alessandria, Italy), Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Symbols.  - 




Pau (Sweden)
Sister tattoo that we did while living in South america, represent everything good about our time there and the people we meet.

Basar (Istanbul)
I am a photographer and I have a flash icon tatto

Olivia (Stockholm)
I’ve always believed in God and during all the rough times in my life, God has been there by my side. I put the cross “inbetween my boobs” so it could be close to my heart. Thanks to Emil at Porky Royale Tattoo for helping me ink it in. I totally love it! 

Symbols.  - 



IMG_4546 - copia

Mia (Varde)

Jasmin (Freiburg, Germany)
“the triangle is a symbol for “Air”, It stands for my Horoskop “Libra” which is an air sign”

Paola (Spain)
“My life, a heart without end.”

Lightning Bolt.  - 

Heart:Lightning Tattoo1

source: Freja, Thais C, Zach M (Bloomington)

Arms.  - 

Heart:Lightning Tattoo1




Zach M (Bloomington)

Lisa (Kalmar) “it represent my mother. She loves butterflies and when I look at this i think of my mum. It also means that the butterfly goes through many things in life and it represents my life to.”

Caner (Duisburg) “it’s a dove, inspired by rene magritte and symbolizing hope & freedom”