Tattoo Submission: Martine (London)  - 


I’m just about to leave London after nearly 3 years of being here. This is to remind me of the longlife friends I’ve made and the amazing experiences I’ve had :)

Tattoo Submission: Moa (Gothenburg)  - 

london tattoo

“Little london”, is a tribute to the love of my life: my city Gothenburg.

Tattoo Submission: Cris (Barcelona)  - 

LondonI used to live in London… And since I love that amazing city, I decided to do this tattoo of the London skyline before moving back to Barcelona.

Maps.  - 




Fanny (Stockholm), Priscila L (Brazil) London hosted me during the most important year of my life. Now I carry London with me for life, Rafael (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Bryony (Oxygen Models)  - 

The last model I shot last week at Oxygen Models. Bryony got her tattoo whilst on holiday, and got the tattoo because of her last name, Bow.
I asked her briefly about tattoos in the modelling industry and she said she actually found that quite a few models had tattoos.