Tattoo Submission: Giorgia Levy (Como, Italy)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Lucrezia (Milan)  - 


I got this tattoo of a lotus flower because it represents beauty and purity and because it’s my favorite flower.

Lotus.  - 

lotus tattoo 5 lotus tattoo 2 lotus tattoo

Jaden (Fargo), Samantha (Mexico), Beatriz (Araraquara, Brazil)

Lotus.  - 

lotus tattoo 2lotus tattoo 3  loutus tattoo 1

Mimi, Beatriz (Araraquara, Brazil), Samantha (Mexico)

Tattoo Submission: Samantha (Madison)  - 


My first tattoo, a lotus. It reminds me not to be afraid to be startled, to explore this world to it’s farthest corners, and to never stop trying to be the person I choose to be. It reminds me that it is never to late to scrap the whole damn thing and start all over again.