Matching.  - 

matching tattoo 3matching tattoomatching tattoo 2

HERMAN IX, Margaux Lonnberg, unknown

Thursday Randoms.  - 


thursday random tattoo 2 thursday random tattoo

Orsi (Amsterdam) “the Buddha phrase is for inner peace, serenity and love, the mandala for strength and a free mind.”

Dr.Woo, stylesight

Love Is Enough.  - 

love tattoo love tattoo 3love tattoo 2

unknown, Torill (Norway), Isabela L (São Paulo, Brasil)

Love.  - 

love tattoo 5 love tattoo 2 love tattoo 3

bdwwd, savings sweetness, Josefine (Norrköping)

Infinity.  - 

infinity tattoo 3 infinity tattoo infinity tattoo 2

Nadia L, Matilda Gustafsson (Sweden), Nikolina (Luxembourg)