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lyrics tattoo 3 2lyrics tattoo  lyrics tattoo 3

Charlotte, Charlotte B, Rebecca E

Tattoo Submission: Tylyn  - 


Lyric from Heaven’s Already Here by Collective Soul. My dad plays guitar and it is my favourite song to hear him sing and play. It also reminds me that life is what you make of it, and that happiness is always there, you just have to choose happiness.

Tattoo Submission: Fernanda (Mexico)  - 

tattoo1My tattoo reads “heaven’s got a plan for you” (from the SHM song) in my handwriting. I got it mirrored so I could actually read it, as I got it as a reminder for myself that everything happens for a reason.

Thursday Randoms.  - 


source: Josefine ‘”soror mea et frater meus” – my sister and my brother’, Giulia (Rio de Janeiro, Bazil), Liza J (Nyköping) ‘Lyrics from “Fire” – Lars Winnerbäck’

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source: Melissa (Charlotte), Maja E (Halmstad), Lauren (London)