Emma (Finland), Aida (Tarragona)

Tattoologist x London


Alright, Tattoologist x London failed slightly.  The idea was to take some street style photographs of people and their tattoos on the streets of London.  Not an easy task when it’s still cold and everyone is wrapped up!  Makes finding people with tattoos hard to find since they’re all covered up!

But I’m not giving up!  Going to give it another try in a few months time, hopefully when it’s a bit warmer.

I did however run into a tattoo parlour (Tattoo 13 in London) and the person working there was nice enough to let me take photos of her tattoo :)

Marilyn Monroe was done by Jason Butcher – Immortal Ink

The rest of the tattoos were done by Sharon – Tattoo 13

Lindsay Lohan update


I have to be honest, this annoyed me slightly when i found out, cause i wasn’t too fond of the first one. Now she has added another.
I like the quotes and placements, it’s just the different coloured stars used to decorate it.

This new one is on her right arm.
It says ‘I restore myself when I’m alone’
The older one on her left arm says ‘Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle’