Tattoo Submission: Sarah (London)  - 


Wrists.  - 

wrist tattoo

wrist tattoo 2

wrist tattoo 3

her new tribe, Liza (Malmö), Amalia (Sweden)

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Tattoo Submission: Emma (Umeå)  - 


It’s both on my arms and it’s roman numerals for the years my mom and dad were born, 1964 and 1959.
The anchor I got because I love how they look.

Roman Numeral.  - 

roman numeral tattooroman numeral tattoo 2 roman numeral tattoo 3

unknown, Laura (France), @hayleejreis_ (Cambridge Ontario, Canada)

Shoulders.  - 

shoulder tattooshoulder tattoo 2 shoulder tattoo 3

unknown, Emma (Finland), Lisa (Ronneby)