Pi.  - 


source: Julia PJillie (Sweden), Michelle (Borås)

Ribs/Sides.  - 


Marilie S

Linda (Germany) “Those are the birthday dates of my parents in roman numerals. The M stands for Mum and the P for Papa (Dad) 😉
They are the most important people in my life and now I’m glad to have them with me wherever I am.”
Mathilde (Sweden) “The one on my rib might seem wired since it’s a pi sign, no I am not a math geek.  I decided to get a pi sign done because my parents first name start with a P (my dad) and an I (my mom), and I will love them infinitely.”

Feet.  - 





source: Genevieve (Saint Georges, Canada), Michelle (Borås), Jule (Milan) “‘I carry your heart’ in German – E.E.Cumings”

Tattoo Submission: Lisa (Germany)  - 


The sign stands for my brother.
“Pi” is his nickname
It means a lot to me and he loves this Tattoo.

Saturday Randoms.  - 


source: Jillie (Sweden), Ashley O, Amanda