E.E.Cummings  - 

e e cumming tattoo 3

e e cumming tattoo

e e cumming tattoo 2

Kelli (London), Sara/Kaitlyn (Toronto/Ottawa), Katy (Orlando FL)

Tattoo Submission: Katy (Orlando FL)  - 

MG_5090I got the ee cummings poem first, it has always been very special to me. I filled in the flowers later, just because I thought they were beautiful.


Tattoo Submission: Estelle T  - 

emailIMGP2334 - Version 2

 From the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley.


Tattoo Submission: Emily (London)  - 

be sure

“be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life”
A quote from Sarah Kay’s poem titled: ‘if I should have a daughter’.

Tattoo Submission: Hannah (London)  - 


“These are my arm tattoos. I have the words ‘run deep and run wild’ on my arm followed by the outline of a dove, Roman numerals to remind me of the date I met my Fiancé, the line from my favourite poem wrapped around my wrist for my mum, and a heart on my other wrist.”