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Saudades is a word in Portuguese that has no direct translation. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for an absent something or someone that is loved. Often it carries the knowledge that the object of longing might never return.
I got it on my exchange in Brazil, my second home.

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Elin F (Göteborg)
My grandma’s birthdate; 1933 08 30 and the last figure is the astrological sign of the Virgo

Emelie (Sweden)

Teresa W (Capitola)
In honor of my husband who died of brain cancer 6 years ago at the age of 30. I am now raising our 3 boys, and am blessed to see him come alive in each of my boys. Saudade is Portuguese for “a love that remains after someone is gone”. I will always love him, and honor his life through living mine:)

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Foto den 19-01-2012 kl. 16.08 #51



Felicia M (Filipstad) “Livet är verkligen int lätt alla gånger. så denna tatuering påminner mej om att man ska försöka se framåt i livet även om man stöter på motgångar på vägen och man ska tänka positivt. ” är man positiv som fan så går allting bra” NÄSTAN IALFALL..”

Claudia M (Copenhagen, Denmark) “Triangle: Symbolizing my mother, father and big brother <3″

Clara (Copenhagen) “portuguese word “liberdade”, which means freedom. a birthday present from a friend and an important reminder.”