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Natasha (Marbella)

Phillipe (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
The quotation marks mean that any speech people do about you will never represent your essence, which will be preserved.


Wrists.  - 





Wendy (Amsterdam) “It’s a swallow, it was my first tattoo. I have it now like 1,5 year and I am so happy with it! Later I will send my other tattoo!”

Tom (France) “Those english quotation marks stand for my love for words, english, and for all the things i couldn’t say on one wrist. They also represent the meaning of the silence and the irony of life. This tattoo is my beautiful mistake, the one I’ll be proud of when I’m older.”

Laís (Brazil) “A Walt Disney phrase + mom’s handwritting.”


Wrists.  - 

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