Tattoo Submission: Elina (Sweden)

My tattoo


The lyrics is “The rain song” by Led Zeppelin with some changes.

Saturday Randoms.



Juan P (Brazil BR)

Shayla C

Paola M (Italy) “Mo chuisle mo chroí”: it’s in Irish Gaelic and it means “My pulse, my heart” or “Pulse of my heart”. I did it for my brother, my one and only love.

Tattoo Submission: Eva (Connecticut)

My tattoo


“I believe that love is a powerful thing the feeling deep within and if you believe in love free up your mind, let it flow within”
It’s about remembering the first time I fell in love and trying to learn to love myself. They are lyrics for a Busy Signal song (reggae)
Santos Dumont

Tattoo Submission: Amanda H (Rocky Mount, NC)

My tattoo


I got this beautiful yellow warbler, perched on poison oak, and holding a silver ring in its beak for my love of the band Bright Eyes.

Tattoo Submission: Charlotte (London)

My tattoo


Mum, Dad and my little brother, cause their love is guiding my way through life.