Ribs.  - 

rib tattoo
rib tattoo 2 rib tattoo 3

unknown, Valentina, Sara (Göteborg)

Arrows.  - 

arrow tattoo
arrow tattoo 2 arrow tattoo 3

Samantha, JTMTNY, Jennifer Eriksson (Oslo)

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday randoms
monday random tattoo 2 monday random tattoo 3

unknown, @elena_ramirez, Drops of Jupiter

Tattoo Submission: Lucia (Seville, Spain)  - 

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Once you are fully aware of your inner strength you can put your pieces back together to create something beautiful

Keys.  - 

key tattoo
key tattoo 2 key tattoo 3

Kate, Taru from Fashion Hegemony , A-Sophie (Paris)