Tattoo Submission: Forster (Park City)  - 


Serotonin: a neurotransmitter that, when present, acts as a connector between cells and is associated with feelings of happiness and decreased anxiety.
As someone who has struggled with depression, this particular symbol means everything to me. Its a reminder to stay positive.

Arms.  - 

source: Diljá (Iceland), Peter T “Feynman diagram of a electron-positron annihilation process”

Tattoo Submission: J & C (Auckland)  - 


My bestfriend and I got robots for her bday this year. Mine is an adrenaline molecule turned into a dancing robot, on my right side. Hers is an adorable happy robot named Clive, on her right wrist. Both our own designs, representing our outlooks on life. :)

Sunday Randoms.  - 

source: unknown