Forever.  - 

forever tattooforever tattoo 2 forever tattoo 3

nikolawashere, Malin (Sweden), Malinda (Sweden)

Boats.  - 




Sandra BMarlene MEnglish E

Tattoo Submission: Amy (Glasgow)  - 

1376445_3638871387395_1832702491_nI got this because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by nautical history and tall ships are just massively pretty.
Done by Roberto at Forevermore Glasgow.

Arms.  - 


Jill S (Almere, Netherlands) “This is my second tattoo and the reason is because I simply love birds. They are the free spirit in the world.”

Karita (Finland)

Caroline (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Grace L (London)  - 

“Sea monster thigh piece :)”