Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo

flower tattoo 2

flower tattoo 3

two, Ebba (Sweden), Yzelle D (Viña Del Mar)

Mandala.  - 

mandala tattoo

mandala tattoo 2

mandala tattoo 3

unknown, Victoria (Sydney), hopeless lovers

Wild at Heart.  - 

wild tattoo


Words.  - 

word tattoo


word tattoo 2

sassilondon, Cindy, 32, Atlanta  WORD, Tree-Face

Shoulders.  - 


I confess


Cindy (Atlanta)
“…Everything is okay. I will be okay.” And: “okay, sure, yes.” This word: okay. It means both assent, and reassurance: okay. And the font is Perpetual, which is even more everlasting.

pJocelyn M, Jessica (The Netherlands)