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Elspeth H
The symbol is part of a west African collection of symbols called Adinkra, and it’s called Epa (meaning handcuffs) and it represents law and justice.

Guadalupe (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
“The essential is invisible to the eyes”, from The little prince, in spanish.

Froso (Greece)
“πουθενά δεν πάω, μ’ακούς  ή κανείς ή κι οι δύο μαζί, μ’ακούς” – “I’m not going anywhere, do you hear me. Either nobody or both of us together, do you hear me”
It’s Greek, my own handwriting from The Monogram written by Odysseus Elytis

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source: Amanda (Gävle), Anne (Berlin, Germany), Ana C C (São Paulo, Brazil) ‘ “Lo que no me mata me hace más fuerte” means “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” in Spanish’