Stars.  - 

star tattoo star tattoo 2 star tattoo 3

unknown, slainmejifolie, miso

Tattoo Submission: Ines (Barcelona)  - 


This is Ursa Minor, and represents all those night my fatjer and I spent looking throgh the telescope on my childhood. It also represents all those persones i’ve lost, that are now with the stars.

Constellations.  - 

constellation tattooconstellation tattoo 3 constellation tattoo 2Ivy & Twine, Kathy M, unknown

Chests.  - 

chest tattoo 2chest tattoo  chest tattoo 3

Kim Michey, Johanna (Sweden), miso

Constellation.  - 

constellation constellation tattoo 2 constellation tattoo 3

slainmejifolie, unknown, Marta (Verona)