Ribs.  - 

rib tattoo 3rib tattoo 2  rib tattoo

Francesca F, Eva (Connecticut), Laura (Nuremberg)

Model: Kate Moss  - 

 kate moss tattoo 3 kate moss tattoo

kate moss tattoo 2

She has a few more tattoos on her ankles, palm of her hand and on her hand.

Backs.  - 

back tattoo 2

back tattoo 3

back tattoo


Margaux (Lyon, France), Caroline (Andover) ‘Capricorn constellation’, Ola (Poland)

Swallows.  - 

swallow tattoo

swallow tattoo 2

swallow tattoo 3

Johanna (Västerås, Sweden), Astrid G, Sabina (Sweden)

Carolines Mode.  -