Wishbones.  - 

wishbone tattoo 2wishbone tattoo 3 wishbone tattoo

Emilia (New York/Gothenburg) @emiliaesser, Carrie from wishwishwishKiah

Geometric.  - 

geometric tattoo 3geometric tattoo geometric tattoo 2

Victor J Webster, Dogma Acidous, unknown

Roman Numeral  - 

roman numeral tattoo roman numeral tattoo 2 roman numeral tattoo 3

Cara Delevingne, @hongdam, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Kathi Schroff (Munich)  - 


These are the coordinates of the birthplace of my brother.
The arrows means ‘away and back’ and are a promise to my mother that I always return to her.

Eyes.  - 

eye tattoo 3eye tattoo eye tattoo 2Pernilla Ackerfors (Sydney), unknown, The Shiny Squirrel