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unknown, Sebrina (Copenhagen), Tina M (Sønderborg)

Tiny.  - 

tiny tattootiny tattoo 2 tiny tattoo 3 Jessie, Ana (Jerez, Spain), Tina M (Sønderborg)

Tattoo Submission: Johanna (Gothenburg)  - 

IMG_3443I have a anchor tattooed because my grandpa has the same tattoo one on his hand. I chose to have it on my left ribs, near my heart.

Tiny.  - 




Jessie, Josefin, Isabel Sahlin http://isahlin.spotlife.se

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Marie F “My second tattoo is a triangle dedicated to the three men who were or are the most important to me: my best friend who passed away four years ago, my little brother and the man I guess I’ll love forever.”

Nicolás (Argentina) “mind, body and soul”

Lara (Campos, Brasil) “Music is everything in my life. It gets me through everything, I can’t live without it!”