Trees.  - 

tree tattoo  tree tattoo 3

tree tattoo 2

Kelly Annorav, the enigma, Amelia (Cartagena)

Tattoo Submission: Mark (New York City)  - 


Mom and son/ matching/ pine tree/ arm and ankle.

Trees.  - 

tree tattootree tattoo 3 tree tattoo 2

Rassp, Kelly Annorav, Pilar (Mendoza, Argentina)

Tattoo Submission: Amelia (Cartagena)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Kate Domanovszki (Budapest)  - 


I got this lifetree on my right arm since I love nature and life in general. The artist is a newbie, started to tattoo people 2 months ago. I think she’s pretty precise, her name is Reka Ferenczi (Budapest, Hungary).
You can find me on instagram as ‘katidoma’