Tattoo Submission: Putri (Jakarta)  - 


A glyphs means “explore”. It was meant as a reminder for me to never stop exploring. To explore the world, knowledge and explore into the unknown, beyond my limitation.

Symbols.  - 

 symbol tattoo 2 symbol tattoo

symbol tattoo

nv, Jonna N, Dr.Woo

Sides.  - 

rib tattooside tattoo 2 side tattoo

unknown, Laura Reuss (Germany, Berlin)Sara (Sweden)

Saturday Randoms.  - 

saturday randomssaturday randoms 2 saturday randoms 3

Bruna (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Wendy (Netherlands), Sonya (Oslo)

Mirja Fenris  - 

mirja fenris

mirja fenris tattoo 3mirja fenris tattoo 2