Tattoo Artist: Kaiyu Huang  - 

Kaiyu Huang tattoo 3Kaiyu Huang tattoo Kaiyu Huang tattoo 2

Whales.  - 

whale tattoo 2whale tattoo  whale tattoo 3

source, Viktoria (Berlin), Erika (Stockholm)

Whales.  - 

whale tattoo 2whale tattoo 4 whale tattoo 3

Kevin, Maja (Sweden), unknown

Tattoo Submission: Viktoria (Berlin)  - 


I Love whales. So this is Tattoo Number 9 and her name is may. She’s a fucking cute Beluga whale :) in my opinion the whale symbolizes emotion, inner truth and creativity. My Instagram: vktrrr

Whales.  - 

whale tattoo 2

whale tattoo 3

whale tattoo

pKhaleesirose, sourceKevin