Tattoo Submission: Julien (France)  - 


2 places for my 2 children

Lyrics.  - 

lyrics tattoo

lyrics tattoo 2

lyrics tattoo 3

@elena_ramirez, Kath (Mexico), unknown

Infinity.  - 

infinity tattoo

infinity tattoo 3


Nadia L, Nina (Wuppertal, Germany)

Molly (Manchester)
Given how often my family and I say “I love you times infinity” it seemed fitting to have a constant reminder of their love and support.

Wrists.  - 

wrist tattoo

wrist tattoo 2

wrist tattoo 3

her new tribe, Liza (Malmö), Amalia (Sweden)

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Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo

finger tattoo 2

finger tattoo 3

unknown, gllt, Agnes P (Hannover, Germany)