Tattoo Submission: Sam (Bay Area, CA)


image11“Tame the ghosts in my head, That run wild and wish me dead.” We all battle with our own internal demons but this quote by my favorite band, Mumford & Sons, reminds me to hold on to my sanity.






Fernanda Assenato (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Every minute, so many things tries to make you a slave… rules, hierarchies, companies. This tattoo remebers me to never quit what I really think. 

Tiana (Vancouver, BC)
An inverted triangle represents the alchemist’s sign for water, which, as well as being a Scorpio, I have always felt a close connection with. It’s also a symbol for wisdom and femininity, as well as all things lunar.

Robin Smedman (Göteborg)
I’ve always loved my friend Jennys drawings. She got really pissed when I did it because all she can see is flaws. I’m actually getting one more from her but this time she is drawing it just for me! 

Tattoo Submission: Christine W (Norway)



My great grandfather died last year, and he ment the world to me. This tattoo is copied from one of the letters he wrote to me. In english it meens: So you are loved dearly from great grandfather.






Shenhav Yaish (Israel)

Agnes (Linköping)
This was my first tattoo that always reminds me that life is short and I should always try to live as best as I can.

Hanna (Helsinki)
“Tabula rasa” was my first ink. It represents my love for graphic design and simple shapes as well as the possibility of painting your own life with the colors you choose.