Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 3

leg tattoo 2

leg tattoo

unknown, Thea Eriksson, unknown

Ribs.  - 

rib tattoo

rib tattoo 2

rib tattoo 3


lll, Charlotte (London), Elena S

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday randoms

monday random tattoo 2

monday random tattoo 3

unknown, Elena (Spain), Marielle Chua

Wanderlust.  - 

wanderlust tattoo

wanderlust tattoo 2

wanderlust tattoo 3

Chiara Ferragni, Seattle Travels, Ruth (Virginia)

Tattoo Submission: Lizzie Manning (Denver)  - 


This was my third piece which I got just before I left to study abroad in Europe for 3 months. To me, it represents the big picture; the shapes on my arm are all that make up our existence in this universe. When I look at the tattoo and think of that, my problems seem so minuscule in comparison.