House of Ridyard.  - 

I’ve just started a fashion blog!

It needs a bit of work since I’ve just started it, but drop by and leave a comment 🙂

House of Ridyard

Kate Moss update!  - 

SPOTTED – a tattoo i have never read about, or seen mentioned anywhere.

a heart tattoo on the palm of her right hand.
(click on photo to enlarge)

all i can say is – ouch.


Real World, Words on Wrists.  - 

because sometimes nothing says it better than words inked on skin.
There’s something about this last one that i love. It says ‘to the stars’ in latin.

I took most of these over a period of time from flickr, so i don’t remember which account i got each photo from 🙁 so if you know which photo belongs to who, lemme know so that i can credit them, thanks!

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Cole Mohr  - 

April May June on his chest.
The word ‘TEXAS’ on his inner left forearm. (elbow joint)
The word ‘HOUSTON’ on his inner right forearm. (elbow joint)

The word ‘wolves’ on his left arm
The words ‘every day of my life’ on the right side of his torso
There is one more tattoo he has on his right arm, close to the wrist area, haven’t worked out what it is yet.
Not sure whether this is actually a tattoo or not, or something drawn on for the shoot. It reads ‘M.V.P’


Special thanks to ‘parisxsummer’ for helping me with this post, i couldn’t have completed it without them 🙂