Blogger Award  - 

Thanks to Isatou for this!

(The rules for this award:
- List 10 random things about yourself
-Tag 10 other bloggers with the award (write them a comment so they know they've got it!)
-Link the person that gave you the award)

10 random facts:

1. I am currently preparing to go to the UK for university. Kinda explains my lack of posts.

2. I am a published lyricists

3. I recently went to Sydney and loved it. The weather was amazing! And i spent quite a bit of my holiday money in Supre.

4. I'm not littered with tattoos! I keep changing my mind on what to get next. If my parents ever knew i had tattoos, they would kill me.

5. I can't decide between getting a blackberry or an iphone. if i was to get a blackberry, should i wait for a new one to come out?

6. I love lomography. I love any type of photography with a twist on reality.

7. I love skins.

8. I want to move from writing lyrics to writing novels.

9. My top favourite fashion magazine is UK Glamour. They do beautiful editorials with fashion brands, as well as editorials using high street affordable clothing.

10. I am really shy in person, and i have no idea how i am going to get through freshers week at York.

10 Blogs (in no particular order) :

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Sincerely, Jules

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  1. hey dear! thanks for the tag/award ;)loved reading your facts too – i too have just discovered Skins and watched the first 2 seasons in 3 days! LOOOOVE IT! can't wait to see more!xxx love bel

  2. hiiii there lovely!!!!!!Thank you soOoo much for the tag/award!! So sweet of you!!!!!!!!!!Loved reading the facts about you! Very interesting and fun!!!!!!!!its all about the Blackberrys! =)Im following your blog now, yay! I love it!I will answer the tag in my next post! SO stay tuned! thanks again dear!xoxoxoxsincerely,jules