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I want to get a tattoo kind of like the one you posted of the outline of the continents, but I want it to be somewhere where it will look good forever. any suggestions?

The one thing that stops tattoos from looking good forever is tanning and stretching.

I don't think there is one place on the body that won't stretch with age.
But there are places that will stretch less, mainly your wrist and your lower back.
Remember, skin stretches due to weight loss/gain, working out, friction. etc.
So the place which will properly get stretched the most would be your stomach or the area around it.
Don't forget, if you work out and gain a lot of muscle over a short period of time, that would stretch your skin too!

And remember to put sunscreen onto your tattoo if you're going be under strong sunlight for a long period of time.

Hope that helped :)

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't get a tattoo when you're too young and still have a lot of physical growing to do.

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  1. woah, so many original tattoos out there. really inspiring blog!