Tattoo Submission: Stephi (Stuttgart)  - 


“it’s the refrain of the foo fighters lyric “it’s times like these”
this lyric means a lot to me cause i always listen to it when i’m mad, and for me these are the most powerful words that always show give me a reason to stay strong in all phrases of life.”

Foot.  - 





source: Adebki (Stockholm), Jenna (Vancouver), Alexandra (Barcelona) ‘viking symbol called Inguz, means “where there is a will, there is a way’

Tattoo Submission: Abril M(Salinas)  - 


“the tattoo says “Fulfillment is necessary for Love.”
i have a lot of growing to do in the name of love
i got it from this quote

Risk is necessary for growth. Growth is necessary for fulfillment. Fulfillment is necessary for Love.”

Arms.  - 


source: Sabina (Sweden), Daniel (Jönköping) ‘Ancient Persian God – Ahura Mazda’, Lina (The Alands Islands)