Tiny Hearts.  - 


source: Nélia (Portugal), Mariana

Tattoo Submission: Kali (Portland, OR)  - 


“This represents my lacrosse number; the one thing that has always brought me true joy and helped me to live a fun and relaxed life!”

Arms.  - 


39858_479938434497_557439497_6448456_2454424_n_gun and arrows



source: Sandra (Sävsjö, Sweden) ‘”Live and let live”‘, Marcus (Stockholm), Natalie (Minneapolis)

Tattoo Submission: Dyveke (Copenhagen)  - 


“It’s a reminder that my lifepath is only going one way, forward. And there is no place so dark that I can’t find my way out of it. It’s also a reminder of my past and my future, my family and my personal strength.”