Flowers.  - 




 Anna (Uppsala, Sweden)
My family is like an apple tree, beautiful flowers at first and when they fall, they turn to tasty apples.

Chiara (Italy), Ginger (The Netherlands)

Perri (Toronto, Ontario)  - 


My Nana was my best friend, so I took a card she had signed for me when I was younger and got the tattoo artist to take her signature from the card and put it on the back of my neck, as if shes always watching over me, shes “got my back”.

Feathers.  - 




Vanessa (France)
It represents Liberty and I made it next to my heart to never forget that I’m a free human being, as my father always said it to me when I was young.

Briar (Dunedin, New Zealand)
A feather to me symbolises freedom and flight

Cara (Glasgow)
When Angels are near, Feathers appear. To signify those that were once close to me and no longer with us anymore.

Arms.  - 


emailsmulorpamarken@hotmail.comFor me to know

Lina (Halmstad, Sweden)
Before an arrow can fly and hit its target, it must be pulled back. I’m the arrow, the bad that drew me back, has just given me extra power to be pushed forward toward my dreams.

Megan G (Leicester), Smulorpamarken