Tattoo artist: Sasha Masiuk  - 

Tattoo artist- Sasha Masiuk Tattoo artist- Sasha Masiuk 2Tattoo artist- Sasha Masiuk 3

Tattoo Submission: Kaja (Hamburg)  - 


It’s from my favorite book, Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It’s to look in the inside, because all adults think it’s a hat while the boy drew a cobra that ate an elephant.

Also, the numbers are my parents’ wedding date. I love and appreciate my family. They mean everything to me.

Planes.  - 

planes tattoo planes tattoo 2planes tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, Victoria (Växjö)

Fingers.  - 

fingers tattoofingers tattoo 2 fingers tattoo 3

Nikki Gutierrez, Daria, witanddelight